Stringing Service

When practicing a racket sport is not only the racket important, but also good strings. It is after all the strings actually come into contact with the shuttle or ball.
Each player is unique, allowing the covering of your racquet is also personal, depends what "type" of player you are and your personal preference. The strings also determine how you will hit the shuttle / ball.
Taking into account your personal preferences and requirements, we can advise you which is string is the most suitable for you.
Before we start stringing your racket, we will review your racket first to be sure that there are no cracks in it. If there are indications that the racket may tear during stringing, we will first discuss this with you before we proceed. If you still want your racket to be stringed, but this is done at your own risk.
Standard for badminton rackets, we use the string Yonex BG65. If you want a different string, is also possible. For certain types of strings, a supplement may apply.
You can have your racket strung starting from 15,- EUR.
You can bring your racket or send it to us. Once your racket is ready, we will send it by registered return. The cost for this shipment is 8, - EUR.
It is also possible to make to meet to bring and pick up your racket instead of sending it. At the following Badminton Clubs, we can meet;
  • BC Heemskerk (Monday and Wednesday)
The strings we use are also available separately at Accessories.
We can also do Tennis and Squash rackets. Please contact QLT-Sports for more information.
Stringing Service

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